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At St. Joseph School, faith filled excellence defines the educational experience provided in our Catholic Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 8 school community. Our dedicated, credentialed faculty; strong academic programs; and facilities, featuring modern computer and science labs; combine to provide our students with a solid academic and moral base in a family-centered learning community. We encourage you to learn more about St. Joseph School today.

Contact us to schedule an appointment to tour the school (860-582-8696) or request additional information through email by clicking here or contact the office at schooloffice@stjosephbristol.org

November 2018

  • All Saints Day Mass (3rd Grade)
  • 26th Annual Auction - Denim & Diamonds
  • Coupon Book Fundraiser Begins
  • Book Fair - In school
  • Square Art Sales Begin
  • School Board Meeting
  • Parent Teacher Conferences
  • Book Fair - In school
  • Early Dismissal
  • Square Art Order Forms Due
  • 6th Grade Class Mass
  • Pie Fundraiser Delivery
  • Home & School Meeting
  • Early Dismissal After Mass - No Bus No Aftercare
  • Grandparents/Special Friends Mass
  • Coupon Book Fundraiser Money Due
  • School Board Meeting
Enrollment ProcedureTab nameTab name
Enrollment Procedure
The enrollment procedures of St. Joseph School reflect the overall Mission by welcoming all students and families to receive the highest quality of spiritual and academic education. As stated in the Student/Family Handbook, “Saint Joseph School admits qualified students of any race, creed, color or nationality to all programs, activities, rights, and privileges that are offered...” St. Joseph School strives to meet the needs of all students according to the Mission Statement. The school does not turn away a child unless it is clear that the school’s resources would not support the specific, individual needs of that child. These is no enrollment restriction or priority given to specific creeds or parishes at St. Joseph School.
If a family is interested in St. Joseph School, the following steps should be taken:
1. Call the Main Office at (860)582-8696 to schedule a tour and informational meeting with the Principal.
2. Bring previous school records (if applicable) and any other important information or educational documents to this meeting.
3. After a tour of the school, families are encouraged to schedule a Shadow Day for their student (if age appropriate). During this Shadow Day, placement assessments may take place in order to ensure proper placement
4. After the Shadow Day, a follow up meeting with the Principal will occur to finalize all paperwork (i.e., registration/enrollment forms, tuition contract, financial aid, etc.).
Students entering the Pre K programs must meet appropriate requirements and attend an assessment session and informational meeting with the classroom teacher and Principal.
Pre K Requirements:
• Pre K 3 students must turn 3 by October 15th of the year school begins.
• Pre K 4 students must turn 4 by October 15th of the year school begins.
• All Pre K 3 & 4 students must be fully potty trained.
New Pre K & K aged students will receive placement assessments between the months of May through August during scheduled appointments.
Program orientations for Pre K 3 through Kindergarten are held during the summer months.
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Hot & Cold Lunch ProgramOrder FormsTab name

The St. Joseph School Hot Lunch Program is offered to students each day of the week.

Menu items include:

•  Mondays: grinder sandwiches
•  Tuesdays: pasta (varies with sauce, butter, or mac & cheese from week to week)
•  Wednesdays and Thursdays: alternates from week to week
•  Fridays: pizza

This is an OPTIONAL program and the cost in not included in tuition. Hot Lunches are prepared by Bristol TEC Culinary Arts Program. Order forms go home a month prior for families to select lunches and return to the Main Office. You may enclose one payment in one envelope with all ordered lunch slips.
Each class is scheduled, throughout the year, to provide baked goods as a snack for Hot Lunch on Tuesdays. The monthly calendar indicates which class is assigned for each Tuesday. St. Joseph School asks that you do not bake or buy items with any peanuts or nut products for the safety of our children with allergies.

Our goal is to provide healthy, affordable school lunches for our students. We always strive to expand our options and create new lunch menus to try to satisfy even the picky eaters!

For any questions regarding our Hot Lunch Program, please contact the Main Office.

Cold (or bagged) lunches:
Families choosing to not have students participate in the Hot Lunch Program are welcome to pack a lunch. Students are not guaranteed an opportunity to warm up food so please pack a lunch that can be kept fresh in a student’s lunch box until lunch time and is ready to eat as is.
Any specific food allergies in a classroom will be communicated to that class and families are asked to follow specific guidelines set forth by the Bristol/Burlington Board of Health.

December pizza.docx
December Hot Lunch Grades K-8.docx
November pizza.docx
November Hot Lunch Grades K-8.docx
September Hot Lunch Grades K-8.docx
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Classroom Pages and Faculty Profiles

The links on this page will redirect you to our Educonnect Web Site where the teachers maintain their own classroom pages. There you will find individual classroom news, homework assignments, projects and events. You will also find our teacher profiles.

Mr. Eric Frenette
Mr. Eric Frenette
School Principal
Karen Nappi
Karen Nappi
Administrative Assistant
Ms. Sam Sears
Ms. Sam Sears
School Nurse
Mrs. Jodie Jandreau
Mrs. Jodie Jandreau
Eighth Grade
Mr. Robert Houle
Mr. Robert Houle
Seventh Grade
Mrs. Kathryn Laferriere
Mrs. Kathryn Laferriere
Sixth Grade and Spanish
Mrs. Kathryn Hinrichs
Mrs. Kathryn Hinrichs
Fifth Grade
Ms. Brianna Serio
Ms. Brianna Serio
Fourth Grade
Deven Bernaiche
Deven Bernaiche
Third Grade
Mrs. Trudy Ravita
Mrs. Trudy Ravita
Second Grade
Mrs. Catherine Roy
Mrs. Catherine Roy
First Grade
Mrs. Jennifer DiMauro
Mrs. Jennifer DiMauro
Mrs. Nancy Marchak
Mrs. Nancy Marchak
Miss Ashley Hill
Miss Ashley Hill
Mrs. Christine Corcoran
Mrs. Christine Corcoran
Mrs. Beverly Brown
Mrs. Beverly Brown
Mr. Mike Pirog
Mr. Mike Pirog
Physical Education
Mrs. Carol Atwood
Mrs. Carol Atwood
Dennis UniformsLands End UniformsTommy Hilfiger Uniforms
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Before CareAfter CareDocumentsBefore Care Online RegistrationAfter Care Online Registration

St. Joseph School

Before Care Program


Before Care begins at 7:00am and goes until the first school bell at 7:55am.  The program resides in Mrs. DiMauro’s (Kindergarten) classroom.  Students are allowed to have breakfast or may engage in free play during this time.  For students between ages 3-8, the teacher will escort them at 7:55am outside to line up with their classes. Students above age 8 will join the teacher on morning duty and the other students outside.



Prices are based on time of drop off and are set for one child.  If you drop off two or more, the youngest children have a flat rate of $5.00 for Before Care.

  • 7:00am-7:15am:$10.00 (per day)
  • 7:15am-7:30am:$7.00 (per day)
  • 7:30am-7:55am:$5.00 (per day)


Please make payments with cash or check made out to Jennifer DiMauro by the end of the week.


Drop Off Procedure:

  • Drive up to the front door to the school and honk your horn so that the teacher knows you are dropping off.
  • Pull around to the back lot and the teacher will greet your child at the door.
  • If you arrive after 7:15am, you must park your car across the street and walk your child to the back door, due to bus drop offs and student safety.

Any questions/concerns, please email: Dimauro@stjosephbristol.org

St. Joseph School
After Care Program

After Care is available for students in grades PK-8 from 2:30pm to 5:30pm (MTThF) and 2:05pm to 5:30pm (W). After Care is available on most scheduled half days, however, some half days due to faculty professional development may result in a cancelation.

Appropriate registration forms and paperwork must be completed before students are allowed to attend the program. The program begins right after school. Groups are divided based on student age and appropriate staff coverage is provided. Families must ensure pick up no later than 5:30pm!

After Care hours/availability is tentative to change based on weather, early dismissals, or school calendar. Please be sure to note any notices sent home via the School Office indicating changes to the schedule.

Payments may be made by cash or check. Checks should be made out to St. Joseph School. If your pickup time exceeds 5:30 P.M., an extra’s day payment will be charged. Payments must be made weekly for your child(ren) to continue in the program. If you pick up your child later than 5:30 P.M. more than three times, your child(ren) will not be able to attend the program. Thank you for your cooperation.

Prices - GRADES K-8:
• $5.00 daily for each child if pickup time is prior to 3:15pm. (MTThF) and 2:50pm (W)
• $13.00 daily for 1 child-pickup by 5:00pm
• $17.00 daily for 2 children-pickup by 5:00pm
• $20.00 daily for 3 children-pickup by 5:00pm


Prices - PRE-K 3 & 4:

• Same as above with an additional $5.00 charge if pick-up is after 4:00pm
• Same as above with an additional $10.00 charge if pick-up is after 5:00pm (includes the above family fee if pick-up is after 5:00pm)

On Days with a 12:30pm Dismissal
• same rate as above with an additional $10.00 charge if pickup time exceeds 3:00pm
• There will still be an additional $5.00 charge if pickup exceeds 5:00pm

There will be no after-school daycare on early dismissal days due to inclement weather, half days prior to a holiday or vacation, conference days or on the last day of school. Please be attentive to the forecast during the winter months so you can plan accordingly.

Student Medication:

If your child has medication (prescribed by doctor) in the nurse’s office at school, he/she will need that same medication for the after-care room. This medication must be signed in with Mrs. Roy, and it will be kept in a locked box in the classroom.
A Pre-K 3 & 4 child may only attend the after-school program if he/she is able to use the bathroom independently without assistance from a teacher. He/she must be socially/emotionally ready to attend a full day session. The after-school teachers will determine this within the first few weeks of the program.


If you have any questions or concerns, please call the school office (860-582-8696), and I will return your call as soon as possible. If you need to reach the program after regular school hours, please call (860) 202-3827.

Thank you for allowing us to take great care of your child(ren)!

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HSAExecutive CommitteeActivities/Events/FundraisingDocument FolderMeeting MinutesScripCalendar
The Saint Joseph Home and School Association was formed to offer a liaison between the parents and the school. We operate under the guidance of the Saint Joseph School Board.

Our monthly meetings, normally held on the first Monday of each month at 7 pm in Guild Hall, offer parents a forum to voice their opinions and concerns. School issues are discussed with questions and answers after each program. Each meeting is approximately one hour, which allows parents to come together and participate in making our school an outstanding educational facility for our children.To make sure your children are benefiting from what the school has to offer each family, it is vital that you attend these meetings throughout the year. 

The Home and School Association also functions as a catalyst for fundraisers and social functions, which allow families to have fun, develop camaraderie and also keep tuition at manageable levels. We invite all families to take part in our social and family activities. Details of traditional events such as the Back to School Picnic, Mum Parade, Oktoberfest, Auction, Grandparents and Special Friends Day, Lenten Pasta Dinner, Father/Daughter Dance, Mother/Son Bowling, Parent Socials and the Golf Tournament, and more are all discussed at monthly H&S meetings with additional details provided in weekly communication emails from the School Office.

Finally, the SJS H&S Association is also about $$$. We are a completely volunteer organization giving our time freely to make Saint Joseph School the “best of the best” when it comes to the education of our children. In doing so, we are dedicated to raising funds to support our school. The Association is always receptive to new ideas and suggestions and are always available to parents before (by appointment) and after our meetings. We ask that every parent take the personal responsibility to support the fundraising events that are conducted throughout the school year.

Current Structure

  • Co-Presidents
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary
  • Room Reps
  • Chairs of Individual Fundraisers

Click Here for the detailed 2017-2018 SJS Home & School Executive Committee, Classroom Representatives and Committee Chairs Listing.

2016-2017 Fundraising Results

Thanks to the efforts of our parent volunteers and support of SJS families, friends and parishioners, the Home & School Association raised a total of $134,116* in 2016-2017! Thank you for helping us to not only meet our H&S budget goal of $100,000, but to exceed it!

St. Joseph School is blessed to have a strong family participation rate. Every family’s efforts in working to meet the annual fundraising goal results in SJS being able to hold tuition rates at an affordable level!

Current Family Commitments (PreK-8 families):

  • New and Returning PreK-8 families are required to pay or earn a $300 (including $200 SCRIP) fundraising assessment fee
  • Raffle (sell/buy out $200 in tickets)

Ways to Meet the Fundraising Assessment Fee:

  • Scrip Program: Participate in the SCRIP program to earn over the $200 required amount throughout the year.
  • Participate in our fundraisers: Profits made from various fundraisers you participate in throughout the May 1, 2018 through April 30, 2019 year will be applied towards your required fundraising assessment. (Monies spent at Auction and the Golf Tournament are EXCLUDED.)
  • Volunteer your time: For those who volunteer a maximum of twenty (20) hours of your volunteer time can be used to reduce your fundraising assessment by $100.00. Every hour volunteered will be valued at $5.00.

Community Building Family/Parent Activities:

  • Welcome Back Picnic
  • Family Bingos
  • Mother/Son Bowling
  • Father/ Daughter Dance
  • Mum Parade
  • Auction
  • Adult Socials
  • Golf Tournament
  • XL Events
  • Lenten Pasta Dinner
  • Lake Compounce Family Day
  • East Egg Hunt
  • Parish Activities (Children’s Choir, Boo Bash, Advent Wreath Making)

Other Fundraisers

  • Box Tops
  • Scholastic Book Fairs (proceeds to library resources/teacher libraries)
  • Bake Sales (Student Council, Sports Boosters, Cheerleaders, 8thgrade class gift)
  • Free Dress Days & Raffles
  • Community Service (Food drives for local food pantries)

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Upcoming Events

There are no upcoming events at this time.

Boo Bash 2018

St. Joseph Church invites SJS Families to their 16th Annual Boo Bash Family Dance on Friday, October 26th from 6:00PM to 8:00PM.  Don't miss out on this fun event!  Tickets maybe purchased at the door or via backpack mail: [pdf-embedder...

read more

Boo Breakfast

Join the SJS Sports teams on Sunday, October 28th in Guild Hall from 8AM to 12PM at their 1st Annual Boo-Breakfast! Children can dress in their Halloween costumes! Adults & Children 12+ $10 each, Children 12 & under $5 each, Children 3 & under are free. Click here for...

read more

Grandma’s Gourmet Country Pie Fundraiser

The SJS pie sale will begin on October 4th and will end on October 24th. Again this year we are selling “Grandma’s Gourmet Country Pies” for $19 each. Choose from 13 varieties: Grandma’s Apple (available in sugar free), Wild Blueberry, Apple Crumb, Pumpkin, Coconut...

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