Hot and Cold Lunch Programs

Hot and Cold Lunch Programs

The St. Joseph School Hot Lunch Program is offered to students each day of the week.

Menu items include:

•  Mondays: grinder sandwiches
•  Tuesdays: pasta (varies with sauce, butter, or mac & cheese from week to week)
•  Wednesdays and Thursdays: alternates from week to week
•  Fridays: pizza

This is an OPTIONAL program and the cost in not included in tuition. Hot Lunches are prepared by Bristol TEC Culinary Arts Program. Order forms go home a month prior for families to select lunches and return to the Main Office. You may enclose one payment in one envelope with all ordered lunch slips.
Each class is scheduled, throughout the year, to provide baked goods as a snack for Hot Lunch on Tuesdays. The monthly calendar indicates which class is assigned for each Tuesday. St. Joseph School asks that you do not bake or buy items with any peanuts or nut products for the safety of our children with allergies.

Our goal is to provide healthy, affordable school lunches for our students. We always strive to expand our options and create new lunch menus to try to satisfy even the picky eaters!

For any questions regarding our Hot Lunch Program, please contact the Main Office.

Cold (or bagged) lunches:
Families choosing to not have students participate in the Hot Lunch Program are welcome to pack a lunch. Students are not guaranteed an opportunity to warm up food so please pack a lunch that can be kept fresh in a student’s lunch box until lunch time and is ready to eat as is.
Any specific food allergies in a classroom will be communicated to that class and families are asked to follow specific guidelines set forth by the Bristol/Burlington Board of Health.

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